Bryant Bark Park Project

Bryant BARKway

Bryant Barkway Off-Leash Trail is a 1/2 mile wooded trail located within the Alcoa 40 Park. The Barkway is part of the City of Bryant's commitment to providing a community-wide trail system.  This portion of the trail system allows dogs to be off-leash within the boundaries of the Barkway, and for public safety, has some restricted use. 

Hours of Operation:
Open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Only the most well behaved dogs should use the Barkway.  Because it is not fenced, dogs that are off-leash within its boundaries will be able to wander outside of the off-leash area unless they have excellent recall skills.  Distractions along the trail abound;  deer, rabbits, squirrels and other small mammals, as well as other dogs, will test the control of even the most obedient of canines.  Therefore, it is important that you routinely review training with your pet. 

By Entering the Barkway, Users Acknowledge and Agree to Comply With All the Rules, Regulations and Ordinances Pertaining to the Barkway.  To Keep the Barkway Safe for All to Enjoy, Please Adhere to the Following Rules:

  1. Keep dogs on leash until within the marked Barkway boundaries.
  2. No children under 12 years of age.
  3. No riding upon any wheeled vehicles.
  4. No use of earbuds or headphones.
  5. Dogs only, no other species of pets are allowed.
  6. Dogs must be kept under Verbal Control, within 35 feet of their handler and within the Barkway boundary.
  7. Waste must be immediately removed and disposed of properly. 
  8. No more than 2 dogs per handler.
  9. All dogs must wear a collar or harness with a visible and current rabies vaccination tag and/or city license tag affixed to it. 
  10. No puppies under the age of 4 months old. 
  11. All dogs must have current rabies vaccinations, and it is recommended that all dogs should have received vaccinations within the past year for bordetella, parovirus, and distemper.  It is recommended that you discuss these precautions with your veterinarian: flea/tick preventative, heartworm preventative, and vaccinations for giardia and lyme disease.
  12. Handlers should keep a leash at the ready. 
  13. Toys and treats are not recommended to be used if other dogs are present.
  14. No females in estrus (in heat) are allowed
  15. If your dog bites a person while using the Barkway, you are required to contact law enforcement immediately to report the incident.
  16. No dogs that have been deemed vicious or dangerous by any court or have a bite history are allowed on the Barkway.
  17. Dog on Dog aggression is not required to be reported to authorities and will be considered a civil matter between the two parties involved.  

What to do if your pet is involved in a fight while at the Barkway:
  1. Do not grab the dogs!   Instead, make a loud noise, or toss a cup full of water on the dogs to temporarily distract them. 
  2. Immediately secure your dog on its leash, and move away from the other dog(s).
  3. Remove your dog from the immediate area and check him/her for injuries.  If wounds are severe or deep, consider having the pet treated by a veterinarian.
  4. After a fight, it may be best to take your pet home for a "cooling off" period.
What to do if your pet wanders off while at the Barkway:
  1. Report the lost pet immediately to the Arkansas Lost and Found Network.
  2. Check with Bryant Animal Control and Humane Society of Saline County to see if they have found your pet or it has been brought to one of our shelters. 
  3. Don't give up!  If you do not find your pet immediately, ask around the area where you last saw your pet, and even leave fliers. 
Who to call if you encounter or see a problem:
To report maintenance needs, call Bryant Parks and Recreation at 501-943-0444.
To report animal problems, contact Bryant Animal Control at 501-943-0943.


City of Bryant Dog Park (Coming Soon!)

Dog Parks are areas designated for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their human family. These large, fenced-in parks provide regular socialization for dogs both with other dogs and new people, teach isolated dogs (those living in 1-dog households) valuable communication skills, and allow canines to run off some of that excess pent-up energy that would normally be expressed doing the “job” their specific breed was intended to do!

All of these things make for better behaved dogs, decrease the likelihood of dog-to-dog aggression, as well as reduce dog bites, which makes for a safer community.

Dogs on trail

The City of Bryant’s leaders think that dog parks are ‘paw’esome! Along with Bryant Animal Control and the Bryant Parks Department, the City of Bryant is raising funds to help build our own dog park. Our goal is to make the park a premier destination for dog lovers throughout Saline County and all of Central Arkansas. The plans for the dog park include separate areas for large and small dogs, dog washing stations, pet-height water fountains, a splashing pad, and lots of grass and shade for all sorts of safe, off-leash fun.

Plans to build the City of Bryant Dog Park, located within Alcoa Park at the corner of Shobe Road & Mills Park Road, have been underway since 2013. However, funding is short. The cost of the park includes parking lot improvements, sidewalks, wash/rinsing stations, separate play areas for large and small breed dogs, shades, grass, trees and a doggy splash pad for summertime fun is estimated at $400,000. Fundraising has included pet paintings, t-shirt and bandana sales, advertising sales, sponsorships and custom paver sales (aka Pawesome Pavers). 

Would you like to help us get closer to our Goal?

Donate Now to help us build the Bryant Dog Park, and don't forget to check in with us on Facebook.

Ordering a Custom ‘Paw’esome Paver
Pavers, like the one shown next to Jezi the Shelter Cat (photo to the right), can be ordered from Bryant Animal Control. Your paver will be included on the walkway into the park entrance and will remain there for the life of the park. Please take a moment to consider your legacy as a part of this amazing project. You can print out an order form here, and mail it along with your check or money order to Bryant Animal Control, 25700 Interstate 30 N, Bryant, AR 72022. For any questions about the Pawesome Pavers, please contact Animal Control Officer Rebecca Fitch or call 501-943-0489.